Welcome to Corbett Comfrtable Resort


We offer cottage accommodation which is designed with contemporary interiors. You can have panoramic view of beautifully landscaped gardens and lawns. The rooms are well furnished and equipped with all the latest facilities. The rooms are also equipped with gracefully designed attached bathroom and toilets with 24 hours hot and cold water supply. The air-conditioned cottages give you a tranquil background to the green surroundings while the cottages with sloping tiled roofs, block wood furniture and cool stone floors with throw rugs give a wild natural ambiance.

Corbett Comfortable Resort is run and managed by young, energetic and enthusiastic team of experts and professionals. They have years of specialization in different segment of tourism trade.We, at Corbett Comfortable Resort, have deep understanding on how to cater to travelers by our well researched tour schedules and programs. With that, we ensure them every bit of hassle free tour experience with comforts and delight. Backed by extensive network of field agents, we ensure an impeccable and hassle free tour experience for national or international tourists so that we could materialize their dreams of experiencing rich cultural heritage and geographical diversity of magical land of India.

We, at Corbett Comfortable Resort, provide you gratifying hospitality catered by our experienced professionals from leading hospitality industry. These experts are well trained in tracking down wild creatures with their sound knowledge of animal’s hideouts in Corbett Jungle. This way, they not only give better information to the travelers/visitors but also help them to explore wildlife closely. Furthermore, the tourists can avail our range of umpteen options regarding accommodation such as luxury, five star or budget hotels in accordance with their need.

We assure you that your stay at Corbett Comfortable Resort will imprint an enthralling understanding on your mind about wilderness and its occupants. From our resort, you will find ample display of sunrise and sunset, chirping sound of birds and maverick activities of animals and music of whistling wind or flowing water. We also make special handling arrangements for you and your valued patrons at the time of arrival and departure.We feel immense pleasure to invite you to Corbett Comfortable Resort to let you explore the magnificent beauty of natural flora and fauna.